History. From Pascal to Delphi in 2007.

Did you ever ask yourself where Delphi comes from? Questions about Borland's/CodeGear History? Did you attend BorCon/CodeGear conference and missed that nice leather jacket from Dale Fuller? Do you want to know when Turbo Pascal, Delphi, C++... were introduced? Is Delphi today the only Pascal-based IDE on the market?

These and many other questions could be answered from information below.

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History of Delphi

Product Name

Code Name

Release Date

?CodeGear RAD Studio 2009?CommodoreSomewhere in 2009
?CodeGear C++ Builder 2008?Barracuda2008
?CodeGear RAD Studio 2008? - UnicodeTiburon2008
CodeGear is acquired by Embarcadero Technologies2008, May 07
Oxygene 3.0 by RemObjects (former Chrome)2008, Apr 22
CodeGear Delphi for PHP2008, Apr 14
CodeGear Delphi/400 for PHP2008, Mar 8
CodeGear Delphi/4002008, Mar 8
CodeGear RAD Studio 2007Highlander2007, Sept 5
Chrome 2.0 by RemObjectsJoyride2007, Aug 1
CodeGear C++ Builder 2007Cogswell2007, June 5
Free Pascal 2.1.42007, May 20
Chrome 1.5.9 by RemObjects (VS 2005, .Net 2.0)2007, Apr 25
3rdRail v1.02007, May 14
CodeGear Delphi for PHP - PHP a-la DelphiAstro2007, Mar 27
CodeGear Delphi 2007 for Vista and AJAXSpacely2007, Mar 19
CodeGear is a wholly-owned division of Borland2006, Nov 14
Chrome 1.5.5 by RemObjects (VS 2005, .Net 2.0)2006, Oct 27
Free Pascal 2.0.42006, Aug 28
Borland Developer Studio 2006 - W32, .Net, C++ and C#DeXter2005, Oct 10
Chrome - Object Pascal in VS by RemObjects2005, May 1
Free Pascal 2.02005, May
Borland Delphi 2005 - C# and DelphiDiamondback2004, Oct 12
Borland Delphi 8 for .NetOctane2003, Dec 22
Borland C++BuilderXTomahawk2003, Aug 28
Borland C#Builder 1.0Sidewinder (Galileo IDE 1.0)2003, Jun 16
Borland Acquires TogetherSoft2003
Borland Delphi.NET compiler (.Net 1.0)Morpheus2003
Borland Delphi 7Aurora2002, Aug 9
Borland C++ Builder 6.0Riptide2002, Feb 1
Merger with Starbase and Galaxy Acquisition Corp (StarTeam, CaliberRM)2002
Borland Delphi 6Illiad2001, May 21
Free Pascal 1.02000, Jul
Borland C++ Builder 5.0Rampage2000, Jan 30
Borland Delphi 5Argus1999, Aug 10
Borland Delphi/400outsourced1999, Feb
Borland C++ Builder 4.01999, Jan 26
Borland Delphi 4Allegro1998, Jun 17
Borland C++ Builder 3.01998, Feb 8
Borland Delphi/4001997, Dec 9
Borland Delphi 3Ivory1997, Aug 5
Borland C++ 5.021997, Mar 25
Borland C++ Builder 1.01997, Feb 4
Borland C++ 5.0 (Windows 95/NT3.51)1996
Borland Delphi 2 32bit/Win95Polaris1996, Feb 10
Borland C++ 4.51995, Aug 29
Turbo C++ for Windows 4.51995, Apr 28
Borland Delphi 1 16bit/Win3.xDelphi95, Wasabi, Mango, AppBuilder1995, Feb 14
Borland C++ for OS/2 2.0Jan 9, 1995
Borland C++ 4.01993, Dec 15
Delphi project hatchedmid 1993
Free Pascal (project born)1993, Jun
Borland Pascal 71992, Oct 27
Borland C++ for OS/21992
Borland C++ 3.11992, Jun 10
Turbo Pascal for Windows 1.51992, Jun 8
Turbo C++ for DOS 3.01992, Feb 18
Borland C++ 3.01991, Nov 11
Turbo C++ for Windows 3.01991, Nov 11
Acquisition of Ashton-Tate (dBase)1991
Turbo Pascal for Windows 1.01991, Feb 13
Borland C++ 2.01991, Feb 13
Turbo Pascal 6.01990, Oct 23
Turbo C++ for DOS 1.01990, May 4
Turbo C for DOS 2.011989, May 11
Turbo Debugger v1.51989
Turbo Pascal 5.51989, May 2
Quattro Pro spreadsheet1989
Turbo Debugger and Turbo Profiler v1.01988
Turbo Assembler1988
Turbo C for DOS 2.01988
Turbo Pascal 5.51989, May 2
Turbo C for DOS 1.51988, Dec 10
Turbo Pascal 51988, Aug 24
Turbo C for DOS 1.01987, May 13
Turbo Pascal 41987, Nov 20
Turbo Pascal 31986, Sept 17
Borland Taken public on London's Unlisted Securities Market (USM)1986
Turbo Pascal 21984, Apr 17
SideKick launched1984
Turbo Pascal 1 (Compass Pascal 3.0)1983, Nov 20
Borland. by Niels Jensen, Ole Henriksen, Mogens Glad and Philippe Kahn1983
Pascal as Modula1977
Pascal - first book by Wirth and Jensen1975
Pascal implemented1973
Pascal defined by Prof. Niklaus Wirth1971
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