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We have received many requests about different aspects of plug-in creation and how to use them.

Best approach would be to show you how to do this in real life and this page contains a list of WinkTV shows you can download or open in you browser.


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All shows are recorded in 800*600 resolutions but could be best viewed within 1024*768.

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Video Tutorial List - WinkTV

DS Plugin System In Action

DS Plugin System is a highly effective way to build modular systems in Delphi.

It provides you with convenient and robust way increasing stability and flexibility of your application system.

Take advantage of modular system to leverage cost of distribution and enchantments for your system.

Some screenshots:

Step 1

First you need to do is to create a new plugin module. Use plugin manager wizard for this.

Step 2

Select plugin type, specify plugin description.
You can keep existing Plugin ID and SubSystem ID, until you want to manage it yourself.

Step 3

New package and new plugin module will be created.

You will now have access to list of commands you want to implement by plugin and be able specify required plug-in list.

Step 4 Step 5

Open command collection, add a new command.

You can specify CommandType, Description, Command Name and parameters.

Step 6

You can specify different types of parameters and even specify required parameters.

Next step is to provide command implementation. You need to provide OnExecute event and your command is implemented.

Step 7

You have full access to command parameters and allow to let system know if command was completed.

Now you are ready to use your plugin.

Create your host project on one of the form drop TdsPluginManager component.

Step 8

This is your plugin host.

Register your plugin, put command execution in a code

Step 9

Your code is completed.

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