How do we do it?

If you think our services is right for you there is how it could be arranged.
Just follow 5 easy steps and your project will be done in time and follow your specification.

Step #1

We are offering on-site as well as off-site development.

On-site development is accepted on some conditions such as your location, travel expenses, terms and length of contract.

Under these conditions, you need to decide whether your project required on-site or off-site development. Current list of projects includes as small as 2-3 days projects to write an installation scripts and as large as 3 years project for Point-of-Sale and The clearing settlements systems.

Step #2

You need to decide how specification will be prepared. You could choose to prepare it yourself or give us preliminary specification and we will write specification for you.

You have to understand what well-written specification is 99% of the success. This is even more important for off-site development. So we are putting a lot of effort in this step.

Step #3

Now you are ready to provide us with initial information about the project and request a quote and the references. Just use this link.

Step #4

We will discuss the details - the deadline, project milestones and final compensations.
Project could be divided as subprojects or complete as one.

Step #5

As soon as all documents reviewed, schedule and compensations are agreed, the contract, NDA and other documents are sighed actual development starts.

If we are delivering a specification you have to include up to one week of time for specification writing.

To provide you with "live" communication channel you can use:

  • E-mail
  • Fax
  • Phone

Delivery and payments will follow as agreed.

If this is something which you are looking for, please contact us.

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